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MC Knife & Replacement Blade

Perfectly suitable for cutting and draining blood in light game fishing.
Compact sliding storage type knife with stainless blade (made by Olfa)

● When the blade becomes dull, substitute edge can be easily replaced!
(Please use exclusive blade for MC Knife #55 )
● Screws can be set either on the right or left.  Choose whichever the side you are comfortable.

● Grip and set screws are made of highly strong and rust free GFRP.  
  * GFRP: Contains 55% of fiber-glass reinforced plastic
Number Item Name Selling Price (without tax) Quantity Shopping Cart
32171-4 Folidge Green ¥800
32172-1 Dark Earth ¥800
32170-7 Black ¥800
32179-0 Replacement Blade ¥450


MC Knife #55
● Total length (when folded away): 115mm
● Length of blade: 55mm
● Weight: 60g
● Blade’s quality of material: SUS420J2
● Blade thickness: 1.2mm

MC Knife #55 Replacement Blade
● A set of 2 stainless replacement blades for MC Knife #55 (optional)

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