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Ordering and Payment Procedure

Credit card transaction is not processed at the time your order is placed.
After the order and shipping charge have been finalized, a URL for the credit card transaction will be sent to the customer.
Please input necessary information into the credit card transaction page.

Import Taxes

DAIICHISEIKO is not responsible for any import taxes due on deliveries where payable in certain countries where this applies.

Ordering and Payment Details

① For orders shipping overseas, shipping charge cannot be calculated until after the order is finalized.
After placing your order, an auto-reply E-mail message will be sent confirming the contents of the order.
*Be sure to take note of your eight-digit order number.

Once the order has been finalized, you will receive an E-mail message with a link to the credit card transaction page for the price of the order, plus shipping charge.

② When you receive the E-mail, click on the link to open the credit card transaction page.
On the Customer Information page, please enter your E-mail address, eight-digit order number, name and telephone number.

*Required field (eight digit number.)
* Your order number can be found in the auto-reply E-mail message sent following your order.

④ After entering the required information, please proceed to the next page. Here you will be prompted for your credit card information and complete the transaction.
The order will be shipped as soon as processing of the credit card transaction has been confirmed.