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On-line Shopping Terms of Use
Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “We / Us / Our”) offers for sale (hereinafter “Service”) the products displayed on the Dai-ichi Seiko Web-store (hereinafter “Web-store”) in accordance with the these on-line shopping terms of use (hereinafter “Terms of Use.”) Please read the Terms of Service carefully. Your use of the Service constitutes consent to the Terms of Service.

1. Seller of Products and Caution regarding Terms of Use

All products handled by the Service (hereinafter “Product(s,)” including the right to receive said products) are sold to the user by Us. The conditions established in the Terms of Use, as well as conditions displayed on websites established by Us for individual Products shall apply to the sale of Products.

2. Method of Order

The offer to purchase Products (hereinafter “Order”) is made by the input of the contents of the order on Our designated website and their transmission to Us on-line via internet (hereinafter “On-line Order.)

3. Caution regarding Ordering

In the procedure for ordering via On-line Order includes a web-page for the input of delivery address, user name and telephone number (hereinafter “Information Page,”) as well as a web-page which displays the contents input on the Information Page and contents of the Order for confirmation by the user. Processing following the Order shall be based upon information input on the Information Page and sent to Us via On-line Order; please check information input on the Information Page as well as contents of the Order carefully. We accept no responsibility for errors information in Orders sent to Us via On-line Order, except when the fault for the error lies with Us.

4. Price

All prices for Products displayed on each homepage do not include sales tax, unless otherwise specified.

5. Method and Timing of Payment

5-1. Charge on Delivery (COD)

In this method, the used pays the price of the Product, Shipping Fee and COD handling charge to the person who delivers the Product.

5-2. Credit Card

In this method, payment can only be made with a credit card in the name of the user. In prder to use this method, the credit card number, expiry date and security code must be input in accordance with Our instruction on the card Information Page. Accepted credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and Diners Club. Payment of the price of the Products shall be based upon the member’s agreement of each credit card company.
* Security Code
The security code is the last three digits of the number string in the frame of the signature field on the back of the card. For example, in the case of the number string “1234 5678 1234 5678 111,” the security code is “111.”

6. Caution regarding Sale

6-1. Completion of Sales Contract

For the Products for which an Order is placed, the sales contract between the user and Us becomes effective when We complete the formal acceptance procedure defined below. We may contact the user by telephone in order to confirm payment method, contents of order, etc.

6-2. Completion of formal acceptance procedure is defined in accordance with the method of payment selected by the user.

6-3. In the case of selection of COD payment, completion of formal acceptance procedure occurs when the information on the confirmation page sent by the user are received by Us. In the case of selection of credit card payment, completion of formal acceptance procedure occurs when approval of the user’s credit card is obtained from the credit card company.

6-4. Changes / Cancellation

We cannot accept changes to or cancellation of an order once formal acceptance procedure is complete. Prior to completion of formal acceptance procedure, orders may be changed or canceled by E-mail or telephone to Our customer service.

6-5. Persons requiring Consent to Order

For people under the age of 20, do not order with out the consent of your parent or legal guardian.

7. Delivery of Product

Products for which an Order have been placed shall be delivered by a delivery company to be appointed by Us. Depending on the product, circumstances may dictate that the delivery period be changed from that originally described, delivery be delayed due to a Product out of stock, or rejection of the Order. In such cases, We accept no responsibility for any damages resulting from the change in delivery period. In cases where shipment time differs largely from that originally described, notification will be provided via Our customer service. Requests made by the user for change of delivery address, if accepted, may require payment of additional shipping and handling fees by the user to Us. When the user is unable to accept the Product within the period specified by the delivery company and the Product is returned to Us, if the user requests re-shipment, additional shipping fee and all costs associated with the re-shipment must be paid at the user’s expense.

8. Transfer of Ownership

Ownership of Products transfers from Us to the user when Products are received by the user, or at the specified delivery address. However, in case of credit card payment, the above shall not supersede any stipulation of the member’s agreement of that credit card company. Except in cases when We are at fault, the user shall bear responsibility for any damage to the Product at the time of receipt.

9. Insufficient Quantity and Wrong Product

If Product received is of insufficient quantity or wrong product, We shall, following investigation, replenish the insufficient quantity or re-send correct product, provided that the user has provided notification of the error via E-mail or telephone to Our customer service within seven days of receipt of the flawed delivery. If no notification is received from the user within seven days of receipt of delivery, it shall be assumed that the Order was executed without discrepancy. While We investigate notification, the user may not suspend payment. Please accept Product within seven days of shipment; if the user’s acceptance of Product cannot be obtained, We reserve the right to terminate the sales contract. In case of termination, We shall provide notification via E-mail or in writing. If no instruction from the user as to method of refund is received within seven days of the notification, the user forfeits any claim to refund.

10. Returns and Exchanges

10-1. Returns

Returns at the user’s request shall not be accepted unless otherwise specified.

10-2. Exchanges

In case of purchase of the wrong product, exchange shall be permitted. Please notify Our customer service within seven days of delivery and return Product to our specified address promptly. Exchange shall be granted with shipping fee at the user’s expense. Furthermore, if returned product is not received by Us within 15 days of notification, the offer of exchange shall be considered to have been withdrawn. The following Products may not be exchanged: Products which have been opened, removed from their packaging or used, Products which have been damaged by fault of a third party, Products for which no notification was provided to Our customer service within seven days of delivery and other Products as We may specify.

11. Warranty

Warranty service shall be provided for each Product in accordance with the warranty policy. The warranty designation for each Product is indicated on the packing slip. Warranty conditions may also be indicated on each Product’s homepage. Please check warranty conditions prior to purchase.

12. Handling of Personal Information

We shall only use information which identifies a specific individual (hereinafter “Personal Information”) and transaction information (hereinafter “Transaction Information,” including the user’s transaction history) gathered from users in transactions relating to the Service for the following purposes only. No use shall be made outside of the above without the user’s prior consent expect when permitted by law. We shall not provide Personal Information to any third party without the user’s consent except in the following cases: when permitted by law, when requested by a credit card company for the purpose of preventing third-party use and the information is provided to that credit card company (including re-provision by that credit card company to the company which issues the credit card.)

13. Limit of Liability

We accept no liability, except as otherwise specified in the Terms of Use, as well as for any damage incurred by the user or a third party through the user’s use of the Product, except when We are at fault. Furthermore, except in cases of deliberate intent or grave negligence on Our part, We accept no liability in excess of the value of the products or services which were the cause of the damage. We reserve the right to correct any erroneous sales information displayed on Our website or written documents such as quotations, bills, etc. Furthermore, We reserve the right to rescind any order for which such erroneous information has been identified. We accept no responsibility for delay of delivery or inability to deliver Product due to inevitable circumstances such as natural disaster, transport accidents, communications disruption, amendment or repeal of law, etc. For products returned for service containing saved data, such data shall be assumed to have been backed up by the user; no guarantee of the integrity of such data shall be implied and no liability for its deletion shall be assumed.

14. Miscellaneous

Slight variations between actual product color and color on computer screen may occur. In case of loss of the user’s data due to malfunction of equipment providing the Service, communications malfunctions, etc, We reserve the right to rescind or terminate the sales contract unconditionally without notice. User bears all responsibility for any delay or nondelivery of any e-mail communications between the user and Us, as well as for and damage resulting therefrom. These Terms of Use are subject to change without notice. Notification of changes may be posted on Our homepage; please check for changes. However, for Products for which an Order was placed prior to a change to the Terms of Use, the previous version of the Terms of Use shall govern. In cases where disagreement between the user and Us requires legal action for resolution, the exclusively agreed first court of jurisdiction shall be, depending upon the amount in claim, either the Osaka Summary Court or the Osaka District Court.

15. Sales Company and Responsible Party

Direct Inquiries to:
Dai-ichi Seiko Co,. Ltd.
6-1, Kamiji 2-chôme
Higashinari-ku, Ôsaka-shi 537-0003 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)6-6971-7666 / Fax: +81-(0)6-6976-2213
Weekdays, 9AM – 6PM

Name of Responsible Party:
Dai-ichi Seiko Co,. Ltd.
Mitsuhiko KIDA

8 Dec 2014